Donna Hatch, PhD, LCSW

True Potential Coaching and Consulting

  • Owner of True Potential Coaching and Consulting
  • Director of Talent Management
  • Executive coaching, team building, management consulting
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops on numerous topics including the effectiveness of SEI in the role of personal and professional development
  • Graduate level University professor
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF), Association for Talent Development
  • Ph.D. in clinical psychology; Master’s degree in clinical social work; Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach; Advanced Certified Executive Coach
  • Can be contacted at 208-308-1779, donna@truepcc.com, Twitter® PhD@donna_hatch, or http://truepcc.com

Gain a better understanding of why shadowing coworkers can improve workplace morale, productivity, and communication between employees.

Job shadowing is the process by which an individual is exposed to new learning through some form of on the job engagement. Whether this process is guided by observation, hands on learning or specific briefings, the experience is meant to deepen the learning of the individual and increase opportunity for job advancement, skill development or simply exposure to other job possibilities. This information will help bring a new perspective to job shadowing by exploring what it is, how it impacts those participating in the experience and the overall benefits brought about by engaging in the process.

Run-time: 58 minutes

Learn to be a better communicator in the workplace by listening and engaging with employees and co-workers.

In today’s global and fast paced business environment, managers and leaders are continually bombarded with demanding situations requiring them to actively monitor their responses to stress in the moment. Research suggests that leaders with a skill set higher in social and emotional intelligence (SEI) competencies are more successful than their counterparts by actively implementing SEI strategies at work. Training and development interventions directed on increasing SEI appear to be effective in improving emotional competence in the workplace as well as overall work performance. You’ll learn how to be more self-aware, and use SEI to your advantage when communicating in the workplace.

Run-time: 59 minutes

Don’t drown in day-to-day tasks. Use proven strategies to become more productive all while increasing your organization’s ROI.

In today’s fast paced, global work environment it is more challenging than ever to discern mission critical tasks and to stay on top of priorities. Continual bombardment from social media forces, email, phone calls, and meeting requests, can become overwhelming and easily confuse timely work efforts. By understanding social and emotional intelligence (SEI) and how it impacts productivity and efficiency in the work environment, leaders will be better equipped to prioritize and catalyze change, initiate action, drive achievement and build dynamic teams, thereby developing unique strategies to increase their overall effectiveness.

Run-time: 75 minutes