As I sit down today to write this strategy, I must admit my head is currently spinning from the conversations I have had all week with clients.  Yes, there seems to have been a predominant theme…stress.  For some reason, who knows, (possibly planetary positions), stress has been the word of the week!

The truth is, for most of us anyway, stress is alive and well.  It has a tendency to accompany us throughout most of our week whether we invite it in or not.  Either way, it seems to be there, hovering just below the surface waiting for an opportune moment to make its presence known.

As a tactical plan to be better prepare for your encounter with stress, I have selected a few strategies that really work and will share them with you over the next couple of weeks.  So, lucky you!
Stress inoculation technique number one.  Stop with the negative stress producing self-talk!  Sound easy?  Well, it could be, but for most of us we don’t even realize we are doing it until our heart is racing, our palms are sweating and people are not only avoiding eye contact but also any close physical proximity.

What we tell ourselves around stress, like, “I am so stressed out.  I’m never going to meet that deadline.

I have too much on my plate,” quickly becomes our reality.  And, here is a fun fact…that kind of language feeds stress and makes it bigger.  So, if your goal is to make stress huge in your life, you are on the right track, high five!

If not, try this.  Pay attention to the conversations in your head around stress and change your language.  “I can conquer this task, yes, it may take me a while but I can do it.  So I have to work through lunch a few days, this too shall pass.”  Or, simply ask yourself, “How is telling myself how stressed I am, really helping me right now?”  I’m interested in your answer…

Remember Destiny by Design or Default…only YOU Decide!

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