Stress ~ Alive and Well ~ Part 3

By December 1, 2016Self-Awareness

We have arrived at week three of our strategies for effective stress management. Crazy how quickly time goes by!

Last week I introduced the idea of stress being an “energy” that needs to be shifted within the body so it doesn’t settle in, getting stuck, and generating misery for us in untold ways.

Beyond exercise, which isn’t always appealing for many of us, there are other forms of releasing stress physically. Writing is one. Yes, believe it or not, writing or journaling has been proven through research to be an effective way to monitor and manage stress.

Stress causes “noise” inside our bodies and our minds. Sometimes the simple act of acknowledging the noise, by consciously capturing it and placing it on paper, can free us from feeling overpowered or controlled by our emotions.

As a first step, I encourage you to start a personal journal. Purchase something that is attractive and inviting. Take some time periodically to write down how you are feeling and why you are having this feeling. The act of putting your hand to paper provides a safe release of the negative energy created by feelings of stress.

By establishing a practice of writing down your thoughts and feelings, over time, you will develop a greater personal insight. This insight will deepen your self-awareness and help you understand and rationalize your feelings. Through identification of situations or events, even people, connected to your stress response; discernment of patterns and the ability to see your stressful thoughts and emotions outside yourself on paper; and as a way of monitoring progress, you can successfully learn to manage your stress instead of having your stress manage you.

Your journal can also be used as a tool for reflection so you can re-enforce the progress you’ve made and create momentum for reducing your stress.

Destiny by Design or Default…the Choice is Yours!

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