Stress ~ Alive and Well ~ Part 2

By November 24, 2016Self-Awareness

In keeping with my promise from last week, here is another tip on managing stress in your daily life. Believe it or not all emotions are energies. Sadness, happiness, anger, and frustration all travel through us as an energy driving not only our thoughts and actions but even our body postures.

If you want to see this for yourself think of being sad and put yourself in that posture. Take note of what you are thinking, feeling, and how your body is positioned when you feel sad. Then try to hold that “sad” posture and think of something that makes you feel happy or excited. What you will find is that once you are experiencing the emotion of happiness or excitement, it is almost impossible to hang onto the “sad” body posture because your muscles are programmed to do something different.

What we know about energy is that it moves. Last week we talked about moving the energy of stress by thinking different thoughts, this week I challenge you to manage your stress by physically moving it.

What do I mean by that? Move your body! Get up from your desk and jog in place for thirty seconds, go for a walk during lunch, or take note of your body posture when you are feeling stressed and simply change postures! You can even do that while sitting at your desk.

Yes, it may sound simple, but it works. Make a commitment to consciously move your body this week to alleviate stress. Don’t allow stress to be stuck in your body. Move!

Remember…Destiny by Design or Default, you Decide!

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