What Makes a Successful Leader?



Being a successful leader requires resilience, a multi-faceted skill set, and the ability to remain fully present and focused in an environment where flux and change need to be anticipated before they occur.

As strategic thinkers and visionaries, leaders are required to articulate the strategy and vision of the organization, infusing confidence throughout the levels of management and the individual work force.

Maria Bartiromo, a leader in business, portrays vision, as having the foresight to look ahead and solve the next problem before it occurs, not relying on obvious solutions, instead, being courageous enough to be innovative and look outside the existing parameters of the proverbial “box.” In order to accomplish this mission, a leader must be self-aware, possessing a firm understanding of his or her own emotional composition and the ability to recognize the emotional makeup of others.

According to Daniel Goldman, out of this “knowing” of one’s self “flows self-management, the focused drive that all leaders need to achieve their goals.” Harvard Business Review recently published an article in the December 2013 edition, calling attention to the importance of a leader’s ability to “focus” asserting, the ability to focus “inward” and “constructively” focus outward on others “helps leaders cultivate the elements of emotional intelligence.”

Constructive focus of outward attention, allows the leader to optimize performance of his or her workforce by leveraging strengths, and recognizing opportunities for individual and group development. Although, Goldman’s research on social and emotional intelligence has not identified a “fixed formula” for success, effective leaders do “demonstrate strengths” in at least one of the four domains comprising social and emotional intelligence; Self-Awareness, Self- Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. These dimensions and the related competencies are not innate, meaning, they can be acquired and learned over time to enhance leadership qualities on any level. The effective use of S + EI creates resonance throughout the organization shaping companies that are made to last while fostering a new generation of successful leaders to ensure a prominent position for the future.

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