Executive Coaching & Management Consulting

Achieving personal and professional growth often requires an outside catalyst moving you from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching initiates the momentum necessary to propel forward movement.

A dynamic interaction, the coaching relationship opens up an exploration of what is possible for an individual. By engaging proven strategies, Donna’s coaching promotes decisive action toward actualizing goals. Donna excels in supporting clients pursuing growth in:

  • Improving performance at work
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Enhancing communication expertise
  • Managing & Motivating people
  • Establishing effective teams
  • Adapting to change
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Building relationships

How Do I Do It?

Donna’s five-step approach to coaching follows a basic outline she individually tailors to address the needs and desires of each client she works with. An extensive knowledge of a wide variety of assessment tools allows Donna unparalleled insight into creating a plan with laser focus on your specific opportunities for growth.

  • Assessment: identifying your needs and goals
  • Development Planning: creating a plan to help you actualize your goals
  • Individualized Coaching: specific areas of development, accountability & resources to keep you on track
  • Review: evaluating and celebrating your progress
  • Results: new habits established to bring lifelong change


Individual Coaching is offered in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

  • Goal identification process
  • Specifically tailored development plan
  • Actionable steps focused on your needs
  • Tools to enhance learning
  • Additional resources to assist you in making the changes you desire


The assessment package is a 90 minute session.

  • SEIP Assessment
  • Comprehensive report
  • 60 minute feedback session
  • 30 minute session developing a personalized action plan based on your unique areas of growth and potential.


If Coaching is the answer for individual growth, Consulting is the answer for organizational growth. Through her experience working with clients ranging from entrepreneurs and small business to multi-million dollar companies and non-profit organizations, Donna has an expert eye for analyzing points of need and opportunities for growth within companies. Donna provides an objective, outside perspective to bring clarity as she helps your team explore and overcome challenges and identify strategic growth objectives.

After an initial assessment, Donna creates an individualized consulting strategy to help your organization meet and exceed growth expectations. This strategy can be facilitated through a variety of approaches tailored to fit your unique company culture. Donna can also design workshops for groups focusing on the specific needs of your organization.

With her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, Donna specializes in Positive Psychology. Utilizing this background, Donna frequently utilizes the Social and Emotional Intelligence Protocol (SEIP) in her work with organizations and teams. This comprehensive assessment is a powerful tool that can be used on an individual or organizational level.

Get the results you want, contact Donna today to discuss your unique needs and develop a dynamic plan for success.

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