Dealing with Loss

By February 8, 2017Personal Reflection

As I woke up this morning, my heart was heavy with the realization that today, a person who had become dear to me, would have his life slowly collected and gathered together in the place I had come to know him, and his family would move on leaving only a trail of memories behind.

Reflecting on this, while the sun shone over the patches of broken snow, I was reminded of nature’s cycle and the power it has to heal the after effects of a storm.  In much the same way, life replicates this process. The unexpected is met with a turmoil of emotions driven by the intensity of pain, but as time progresses, the pain is lessened by the warmth of what has been left behind…the memories.

This day in a place far from here, a wonderful person will be memorialized in a peaceful sanctuary filled with friends, colleagues and family that wish to come together, and through carefully selected words, honor the man they have all come to love and respect in life.

As life brings us to the threshold of loss, we come to understand, not with our minds, but with our hearts, how precious life is, how blessed each of us really are and how impoverished the English language is…as there are no words that can truly encompass the totality of profound loss.

Yet, when we arrive at these junctures, it often causes us to pause and reassess the chess pieces we have strategically or not so strategically placed on the board of life.  As we take in all the aspects of our unique life, with something akin to humility, we realize life is not only short but fleeting in nature, and with intention we may choose to move some of our pieces…re-prioritizing things over looked or long forgotten.

So here we are, at this intricate twinkling of time we call “today.” On this day, my sincere wish is that each of us make a commitment moving forward to find “awe” in the everyday experiences, living our lives in such a way that we are intentionally leaving a trail of memories, ones that will inspire those in our wake, by modeling the good we possess in these fleeting precious moments fragilely strung together by something we all experience as “life.”

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