“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

What exactly does it mean to be courageous? When you stop to think about it, courage means something different to each of us. Whether it is the courage to pursue your passion, get out of a bad relationship, or have a difficult conversation with someone at work, courage requires us to dig deep within ourselves and show up authentically.

Fear causes us to undermine ourselves and hand over our power to something beyond our control; but courage, is the decision to take our power back and do what that inner most voice is asking us to do. Courage requires us to honor ourselves.

So, what things in your life are making you fearful?  Where have you relinquished power due to fear?

Let’s pretend for a moment you make the decision to be courageous, what would that look like? What is the first thing you would do?

Your challenge this week is to look for opportunities to resist fear and consciously make the decision to act more courageously.

Destiny by design or default…you decide!

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