Achieving Peak Performance


Goal Setting

Whether at work or in your home, daily challenges present themselves.  Targets that we once aimed for have now moved requiring realignment with the goal. Although frustrating, challenges provide the catalyst for growth on personal and professional levels.  Examine your life, identify what your goals are and achieve what you desire.  Perform at your optimum and position yourself for success!

 What is Peak Performance?

Clarity of purpose, tenacity, vision, resilience, self-confidence, optimism, these are some of the characteristics associated with Peak Performers.  In order to optimize performance, it is essential for individuals to position themselves in ways that leverage their strengths, while pursuing developmental opportunities to acquire the competencies necessary to move them in the direction of their goals.  Achievement of one’s Peak Performance arises in part through the pursuit of clear goals.  Goal setting is often talked about but some individuals do just that…talk.  Taking your performance to another level involves doing more than just talking about it.  What does that next level look like…define it?  Examine your life and ask yourself, “What do I want my professional and personal life to look like one year from now, three years from now, five years from now?”  Spend some time on this, being mindful of not only what you want but what you are willing and able to do to achieve your objectives.  Develop an actual image and feel for where you yearn to take your performance and set your intention.  Then articulate your goals.  The caveat is this…a distinction must be made between what we want to achieve and what we intend to do to achieve it. Goals help us prioritize so we know how to take the next step.  The use of the pneumonic SMART goals is often useful to provide structure.  Are the goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound?  While setting an intention to arrive at the goal facilitates strategic movement in a specific direction utilizing motivation fueled by passion.   When we combine a goal with an intention the two bring value, not only to our work, but to our relationships and ultimately to our life.  This working combination transforms the act of simple goal setting, by honing your ability to perform at your optimum; taking personal and professional achievement to an entirely different level of possibility and potential.

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