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Weekly Strategy that Works!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

At times, it is hard to remember how powerful we are in terms of influencing the outcomes of our lives. We become caught up in ruts created by repetitive habits, going through the paces without giving anything much thought. Yet, the life we desire is as close as a touch of our hand, embracing a new thought, or challenging ourselves to step out into something unfamiliar.

I was reading a devotional one morning and it said “Achieve” is before “Believe” in the dictionary, but in life, the order is switched. You need to “believe” you can do something first and then you can “achieve” it. This has served as a gentle reminder for me over the years. If I really want something, I need to believe in the power I have to achieve it first.

We become conscious of the power we have to achieve when we challenge ourselves to think differently, embrace a new action or make a conscious effort to explore something out of our comfort zone. By exercising the belief we have in ourselves we develop our potential and create possibilities that may have not existed before.

This week, how can you tap into the power you possess to “achieve” the things you want?  What action can you take?  How can you think differently or engage something right outside the limits of your comfort zone?

Remember…your Destiny is Designed by you!

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