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Achieving Peak Performance

Whether at work or in your home, daily challenges present themselves.  Targets that we once aimed for have now moved requiring realignment with the goal. Although frustrating, challenges provide the catalyst for growth on personal and professional levels. Examine your life, identify what your goals are and achieve what you desire.

Business People

Leadership Development

Today’s leaders are faced with continual change in a fast paced, global work place. This environment demands a leader who can insight, inspire, motivate and drive for results in a way that leverages strengths, recognizes developmental opportunities and pursues optimal performance.

Plan A

Change Management

Managing change is a fact of personal and professional life.  Individuals and organizations must adapt quickly in today’s economy.  Through coaching, individuals and organizations strategize, designing unique blueprints to harness the power of change and position themselves accurately for success.

Meet Donna Hatch


Donna Hatch, PhD, MSW
Business Coach

I have worked as an Executive Coach, Business Coach, Assimilation Coach and Personal/Professional Development Coach, with individuals in a variety of settings helping them develop successful strategies and achieve a more fulfilling personal and/or professional life.

With over 18 years experience in areas such as leadership development, management, peak performance, conflict resolution, customer service and employee relations, I have assisted individuals in becoming the best at what they desire.  I have a broad range of experience in the business and organizational arena, working with large corporations as well as entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit companies.

Some of the organizations I have worked within include Universal Weather, CHRISTUS Health, St. Luke’s Health, Bacardi Rum as well as several privately owned businesses.


Executive Coaching

Achieving personal and professional growth often requires an outside catalyst moving you from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching initiates the momentum necessary to propel forward movement.

A dynamic interaction, the coaching relationship opens up an exploration of what is possible for an individual. By engaging proven strategies, Donna’s coaching promotes decisive action toward actualizing goals.


Business Consulting

If Coaching is the answer for individual growth, Consulting is the answer for organizational growth. Through her experience working with clients ranging from entrepreneurs and small business to multi-million dollar companies and non-profit organizations, Donna has an expert eye for analyzing points of need and opportunities for growth within companies.

Donna provides an objective, outside perspective to bring clarity as she helps your team explore and overcome challenges and identify strategic growth objectives.

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Leveraging Strengths with Positive Psychology

Known as a strength based theory, Positive Psychology recognizes the strengths and virtues that empower individuals, groups and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the solid belief that people have the desire to develop meaningful and fulfilling lives aspiring to nurture and promote what is within themselves to enhance their life experience.

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Social and Emotional Intelligence

The Power of Social and Emotional Intelligence

Social and Emotional Intelligence (S + EI), sometimes referred to as EI or EQ, is best described as a form of intelligence that powers success in our professional and personal environments.  S + EI determine how we interact in relationships with others.  People with enhanced S + EI have an increased awareness of how they relate to themselves and others.  Successful people use this information in the moment to manage their responses and behaviors in stressful or challenging situations.  S + EI encompasses skills such as, stress management, resilience, managing conflict productively, team work, building trust, catalyzing change and much more.  The good news is S + EI can be learned and strengthened throughout our lifetime.  These skills can be leveraged as part of a career or business strategy to capitalize on growth. To learn more about how S + EI can impact your life contact us today.

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